Thursday, April 23, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ode to the Canada Trip : Part 4

Monday morning: we were on our last day,
Even though we all wished we could stay.
We started out strong
Because the day would be long
And soon we were on our way.

Once again we hit the streets
To see if Montreal had some other treats
Like the underground mall
Which had something for all
Including some maple sugar treats.

Our first stop was to Notre Dame
Which was in absolutely no way lame (pronounced "lahm")
It was beautiful and blue
And inspiring too
But soon we had to move on

After a couple hours of shopping
Back on the bus again we were hopping
For our drive to the states
We would arrive late

A great trip behind us,
We drove without stopping.

~ Haley M & Sarah B

On Friendship...

"To be honest the trip started off on the wrong foot for me. But it brought people together who normally don't speak two words to each other, and we all had fun. Friendships were made stronger and we discovered new, interesting, wonderful, and caring people that we actually want to spend more time almost makes ending high school sad." ~ Anonymous

Ode to the Canada Trip: Part Three

On Sunday morning we woke up
We quickly packed and boarded the bus
Our drive to Montreal wasn't so bad after all
We were ready for the day ahead of us

We were off to see a John Lennon exhibit
And everyone was really into it
We went off to shop
But not 'til we dropped
'Cuz we still had one last church to visit

Our next performance was at a Catholic Mass
And for this trip, it would bbe our last
So we sang our best
Then let our voices rest
Returning to the city with class

Disco lights, pizza, music and fun
We went cosmic bowling (and some of us won!)
We had a great time
But now we're out of rhymes
We all wish that you could have come!

Haiku to the Canda Trip

Voices rising high
We spread sound to Canada
And return again

~ Anonymous

On Marie Reine Du Monde,,,,

"Last night singing the mass in the Montreal cathedral was really cool. It's one thing to sing in a cathedral where we're the only people there, but it's another thing entirely to have an audience at a service. It was also interesting hearing mass in French at such a big, beautiful church. Also Eric Sheehan was there! Anyway, that was the highlight of the trip for me. Can't wait to get home in about ten hours." ~ Chris A.

"I really enjoyed attending/singing at mass in French. I understood the homily and prayers almost completely, which was a really cool experience." ~ Anonymous


"I have audio recordings of all songs from 2 of the 4 churches we sang in (soon to be uploaded online)! This has been an amazing trip!" ~ James Sheehan

Note to James: Please send us the link so we can all listen!

Note to All: Stay tuned for postings of photos and video clips later this week!